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Lockridge went nuts and poured gasoline on himself and lit the match. Tesla found the electrostatic concentration to be amplified to a much greater pressure as a result than any voltage which the dynamo could ever produce. What you have left over then are two brush holders to build with the couplings with allan set screws to slide and adjust until you have the battery thinking it is not doing any work (charging itself) and thus.

Having 6 strands in my ssgs  coils, i took the coil wire return off of the heat sink (collector plate) and took 5 of the individual strands (see christmas bulbs in my ) and soldered them behind the 1n4007 at the  collector terminal of the mjl21194s which improved the pressure into the batteries but not necessarily the charging rate. See my workshop update  i am proof that i can make things work even though i do not understand the theory perfectly. Just because i was too tired to pay attention.

Here is an example of what happens if people trust others in a forum. I have several 5 gallon buckets of pure black sand. Drill hole and cut a plug out of solid pvc with hole saw to create bushing for brush.

Next are pages 46 to 48 about the advanced bedini monopolesolid state energizer and earth battery hookup. I learned not to open up any closed files (if you do, keep track of it) from those groups after i ended up with three trojan horses and a i-wormbagle in my avg virus vault. Once you work it you get better while you stay at it! Some hours later no sooner the wheel was up to full speed it stopped with a big crash.

This happened to me once before when shortening out the system by reversing the battery terminals by mistake while experimenting carelessly. The main difference is the transistor arrangement of the  first, usually in parallel, meaning for every wire a transistormultiplying the j. By knowing and striving for truth, the result of fraud becomes evident quite quickly! So,  when rick friedrich started his bedini monopole group on february 26 - 05, i was all gong ho and joined in.

It also testifies of the forgiveness of little mistakes or changes without sacrificing too much output or efficiency of this machines, see my report at image 3 (ssg) above. It  is entirely possible that the coils which are setup in phase are in charging mode on one capacitor while a second coil marked in red out of phase is running the motor capacitor! Perhaps the second cap could be pressured up and then dumped into the first cap. Any ground rod in dry ground isnt much good. Why did i write this?  Think of cold electricity meaning hvdc of multi kilo volts radiant charge due to a energy shock with spark interrupter inside an ed gray tube. Now you know at least for sure what im heading for.

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Giraffe Manor | Kenya | GALLA.
As most of you have probably seen on Instagram, I have been on a giant Africa circuit traveling from South Africa, to Kenya and finishing in Tanzania.
Viagra Funny Image Sale It is what i am going to do next. It is similar to teslas one wire power transfer. Image 16a is a copy of a cb permanent magnet direct current (window) motor sketch out of my shop note book. This charge could be enhanced by a standby coil specially wound with an adjustable ferrite core (tesla) for maximum capacity and adjustable frequency. I expect of you to go the same route. The coils look worse as they are, i rebuilt them already, for the wheel ? I will park it permanently. I should have known to stick to smaller bearings 8x20mm and aluminium or brass shafting. Although i think the principal of the big boy is slave motor coil and generator coils.
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    Ssg revealed better performance by mounting all six wire strands to the heat sink. What you have left over then are two brush holders to build with the couplings with allan set screws to slide and adjust until you have the battery thinking it is not doing any work (charging itself) and thus. Just off-the-cuff one could be positive and the other negative to the existing high tension in the cloud to this gadget is made out of ordinary materials like a copper coupling, brass, resin and pvc pipe i updated the commutator mechanics with simplicity in mind for the tinkerers who dont have to much equipment. Then use the, not back emf, but the collected aether or better radiant potential resulting out of the abrupt tension collapse in those driving coils while onto the commutator which is oscillating very fast between driving the rotor and super-charging the battery which runs these driving coils. Also while the coil is still sitting in the jig set up a jig for a plastic epoxy bearing (drinking straw slide fit)at the n and s end, which will take a brass or ss rod threaded with a shoulder both sides on the outside edge parallel to the shaft in  the center of the coil thickness to secure the coils in cylinder form and equal spacing.

    I hadnt known the difference between a resistor and a capacitor or what the function of a transistor was. I know about this machine because of a good friend who talked to people that owned them. Although the circuit had been running by itself, but once i hooked the led back up and pressed the start button i had no rotation not even the led lid up, nothing, all nail dead zilch zero! I have spent hours in finding why i cant get the mjl21194 transistors to fire properly. Enough prove for the story being true is the demonstration of self running the window motor. The light suddenly came on when studying some of nikola teslas high frequency interrupter diagrams, especially his high frequency apparatus with the double flat secondary spiral, gap, cap and short primary coil steered by his special adjustable inductive coil which he operated as a mechanical relay switch certainly very similar to an inductive spark coil, except a few important variations.

    Nikola tesla exhausted his coils and capacitors for insulating purposes in a pressure tank while melting the beeswax and paraffin mixture with steam permeating the mix into the smallest spaces , which was the reason his equipment was capable to stand these high electrical pressures and extremely rapid potentials. I on the other hand, remade the 1984 machine, turned it into the monopole energizer. I am sure john bedini didnt publicize his window motor dada so it might be lost to some selfish controller. We have all the best  magnets today to do this, he says. Roamer i can just about see you smilingsorry im so slow, but thanks a lot for you and your friends help! Ok folks, here is some more food for thought and incentive to get with it and build the magneto energizer. Click on them, select all, copy and paste into word,  if you do not have  windows  picture  tool in your  browser, go to windows view menu, tool bar,  check off picture tool bar, click on text wrapping, click through, on the main tool bar reduce page size on your main bar from 100 to 25 go back to picture tool bar and click format picture (paint pail) size tab, scale from !00 to 80, go to rotate left 90 degrees on the same tool bar, click to neutralize ------ print. The main difference is the transistor arrangement of the  first, usually in parallel, meaning for every wire a transistormultiplying the j. Rumor has it that bush is planning to drop the us dollar to 50 cents shortly. I might confuse you here some what, with other words, there is more then one way to make this work. Bore for brush must have close tolerance and a groove for a pin to slide up and down on the brass brush or other means, the assembly cant be sloppy.

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