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We specialized in manufacturing and supplying railway products, including railway fishplates, railway fastening system, and related rail fasteners for railroad construction. About 5 a key shipped, its a great deal and no need to go through the headache above. Done this many times on filing cabinets and drawers which use similar locks to cheap tool chests.

I even made a simple lock pick set out of hacksaw blades to rake the tumblers. The cheep lock found on tool boxes can also be defeated be a slide hammer like you see cops using on car locks-this works too. Its good to lock them to keep young kids from getting hurt messin with your tools.

No locksmithing experience, but with research, creativity, and tools i got each one open without damaging a thing. It is better than having a dam heart attack over a sears piece of s tool box. Call a locksmith a well seasoned locksmith can file a key for you.

Searscraftsman has used different locking mechanisms and arrangements but searscraftsman boxes are usually wafer tumbler locks which do not drill very well and drilling in the usual way i. I changed all of the lockes to one lock and keep a spare stuck to a magnet on the back of one of them. The bolt heads are inaccessible if youre box is locked.

Youll definitely need the latter, whore generally the guys whove done lots of oddball (but more common than youd think) jobs like opening file cabinets, desks, and so on. If you have a snap on box that can be turned over it is easy to open. Felt so very stupid locking my tools up as the lid popped free with no damage with 2 seconds of effort.

If my tools are locked in a box that i need to open, its getting opened and then im getting me a new lock. Instead of having a locksmith disable the lock, see if they can just cut you a new key. If you cant pick it, just drill it out either way, if you really want a key for your box, most shops will charge you about 12 bucks to make the key or go to hd and buy a cabinet lock for about 6 dollars. Heres a tip have a spare key made in advance so you dont find yourself in these kind of stupid situations. Once the lock is open, you should be able to remove it and take it to a locksmith to have a key made.

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100 Milligram Viagra Cost Buy Now You just tell him its a yamaha, and the code is 1234 and done. Obviously this wont stop a determined thief whod be willing to break into a boxbut it does keep the box from walking off by those trying for a quick n quiet swipe. Or placing it in such a way that it would be barricaded in the corner of the room. If you think the problem is really the key (which it doesnt sound like it is) then there is probably a number stamped on the face of the lock. To identify your specific key, most manufacturers will request a number from the outside of the toolbox. Im always surprised at how many of my keys will open other things. I bought replacement keys for the keys that i lost and they were perfect. , Canada, and internationally.
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    If you cant pick it, just drill it out either way, if you really want a key for your box, most shops will charge you about 12 bucks to make the key or go to hd and buy a cabinet lock for about 6 dollars. Toolbox locks are generally considered ineffective as theft deterrents, especially in shops full of dozens to thousands of tools which can disable said locks in seconds. Indeed, a lot of advice weve seen in online forums (and among toolmongers in email) seems to suggest the same disable the lock early on to avoid having to damage your toolbox to get at the tools inside. Pool thanks for spending a bunch of time making sure everyone is aware of penal codes regarding locks, picking locks and what other locksmiths do or dont do. Fortunately, those toolbox locks are usually pretty cheap wafer-tumbler locks.

    Instead many of them still stick a 5 lock on a 10,000 box. That number can also be taken to a locksmith as well. I received a couple of emails this week asking about the process of getting replacement keys for toolboxes. I called sears, they put me in touch with wi service parts, no hassle received the 3 keys need for 3 each plus 3 s&h, total of 12. I have also picked locks for family members who have locked them selves out after purchasing a pick set featured on this blog about 18 months ago does anybody have any ideas to secure one of these type of tool boxes ? I realize that they are just made out of sheetmetal, but still.

    Wafer locks are the easiest to pick, but the pin tumbler locks werent that much of a challenge either. Cheaper than a locksmith or rekey set, less gut wrenching than intentionally damaging your cabinet. Did i miss some ideas? Let me (and all the other toolmongers whove made this mistake, too) know in comments. The cheep lock found on tool boxes can also be defeated be a slide hammer like you see cops using on car locks-this works too. I have checked your website and ive found some duplicate content, thats why you dont rank high in googles search results, but there is the single handed recip is an amazing tool for so many different projects. If your manufacturer doesnt sell (or doesnt stock) your key (or cant get it to you in a timely fashion), youre going to have to disable and remove the lock. They do this all the time on cabinet, registers, file cabinet, cash box, gum ball machines. Of course its not much use doing this if some other crew has left a cutting torch in easy reach for situations where youre going to be at a site for a while, and can put your box in one spot put a few holes in the bottom of your box, and lagbolt the box to the floor. It is if you have a code on the face of the lock, check for that number on the site first. I lost my bottom lock key to my mac tool chest.

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