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Bikoff Puts a Worldly Spin on Mosaic Tiles for New Ravenna

Interior designer Sasha Bikoff puts a fresh spin on a Eurocentric tile tradition, channeling American history and culture with The New World. The collection for New Ravenna includes Atlas Maior, a mosaic tile interpretation of a 17th-century map by Dutch cartographer Joan Blaeu. Measuring 44 by 80 inches, the composition is animated with sea serpents, galleons, and dolphins ducking and diving. A honed finish applied to the 12 hand-nipped natural stones simulates the aging of an antique map.

While the company was founded in 1960, its base town of Moixent, Spain has been home to craftsmen for centuries. Although it maintains the traditions and principles of painstaking and custom workmanship, Expormim also embraces technology and is adaptable to the changing needs of designers, leading them to collaborations with creative minds like Jaime Hayon.

As the demand for green design continues to grow, Expormim’s indoor rattan collections are a beacon of sustainability. The rattan vine grows at a fast rate compared to most harvestable trees, making its cycle of regeneration sustainable for continual use. The ease with which rattan is harvested and transported produces less effluence than do other raw materials on their journey from gathering to manufacturer.